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I was recently browsing the classified ads and came across a used drum set for sale that caught my eye. So I called and asked what was included in the kit. I was told the kit came with a stool and cymbals however….

The seller had sold the hi hat pedal including cymbals in order to pay for puttingĀ  new drum heads on the kit!

Bad idea!

Basically he just turned the drum set into some drums and cymbals.

Or put another way, he kind of removed the left leg of whoever was going to purchase the kit. Just like the adage, it costs more to purchase a car piece by piece than as one whole unit, it will cost approximately $200 to replace the hi hat pedal including cymbals and I am sure the prospective buyer would much rather have the complete drum set and the choice whether to replace the drum heads or not.

As well, I am sure it would not cost $200 to replace the top heads of each of the drums.

That choice definitely changed my drum set buying decision.